04-29-2020  Auto Talk Live as we continue with the 80's retro week and cover the craze in the 80's that was the conversion van. All the things you could do to them, classifications as well as the stories we all remember about Conversion vans good and bad.

      Todays podcast we talk 80's production muscle cars. Everything from the Monte Carlo SS to the SVO Mustang and more. We go down memory lane to the production cars that made America cool and the 80's a better time to live.

      We go old school 80's and dive into the automotive world and more. Check out volume 1 of Auto Talk Live's 80's edition. From shitty designs to upcoming tech that hasn't been mastered. 

   Auto Talk Live Podcast 04-23-2020  Technology on our cars and how far we've come. A timeline through history. 4x4 for dummies and off road basics 101. Top five things everyone needs to keep in there vehicle. 

April 22, 2020

Auto Talk Live 04-22-2020

   Auto Talk Live Podcast episode 04-22-2020 were we talk farmers and there struggles for shipping and selling food to having to waste. Top three questions you must ask when shopping for used car. Finally I answer your questions from your emails about everything car related. 

      4/20 Edition of Auto Talk Live. We talk about the five DIY adds for your JL Jeep or Gladiator for under 500.00 and what we've done to the Gladiator so far. NASCAR virtual racing news and FORD vs CHEVY vs DODGE. Who is the best and what makes one better than the other. 

April 19, 2020

04-19-2020 Auto Talk Live

04-19-2020 Auto Talk Live podcast with Nascar no no's and Corona virus tree huggers. Chevy trucks overboard and Jeep beach 2020 rescheduled.

   Auto Talk Live 04-17-2020  We talk about the first 2000 miles of owning a new Jeep Gladiator. Pros and cons, also other auto news and Corona Quarantine. 

    11-27-2019 Auto Talk live with Spoilers rumors and recalls. Secrets of the car dealership they don't want you to know about and the Dirty 30 No BS test drive on the new Ford Raptor.

      11-25-2019 Auto Talk Live Podcast with Spoiler Rumors and recalls, The worst car to buy in America and the No BS test drive on the new Chevy Silverado Z71 crew cab. Don't miss it

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